Over 100 MPs Asks that PM Theresa May Reconsider Student Migrant Cap


    Over 100 MPs from all parties have written to Prime Minister Theresa May demanding her to drop for “illogical decision” to retain the international students in the net inward migration target.

    A letter that was written by Catherine West, a Labour MP, and signed by MPs from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, SNP, DUP, the Green Party, and Plaid Cymru slammed the Prime Minister for persisting with her policy.

    Reporters understand that even members of the cabinet of the Prime Minister are against her on this policy, which she has pursued since her time as home secretary.

    In the letter, West says that the Prime Minister who she said was embattled “could easily change this rule with the stroke of a pen, but chooses not to in order to save face, risking the status of British universities and a valuable part of our economy.”

    “If we want our higher education sector to remain world leaders, the government must drop the illogical decision to include international students in the net migration target. The numerical and anecdotal evidence all points in one direction: the huge benefit brought to our country by international students” added West.

    West notes fresh figures that suggest that student overstaying is far lower than what was previously thought, while data from Oxford Economics actually argues that international students generate £25.8m per year for the economy of Britain. She also cites that 73 percent of the British public would want to see the same number or more of international students coming to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom.

    “Despite the weight of evidence, the gvernment’s inclination appears to be to make it even harder for international students to come to the UK. This approach puts at risk the UK’s world-renowned universities and academia,” says West in her letter.

    “Given that most international students return home following their studies and that the UK’s higher education sector is a big selling point, it is becoming ever more logical not only to take international students out of the net migration target, but to put additional policies in place to attract international students and to show the world that the UK is open for business, and welcoming of talent, wherever it comes from.”