123,000 Model S Vehicles Recalled by Tesla

Photo by nakhon100 from Flickr

On Thursday, Tesla announced a recall of all its Model S battery-powered vehicles that were built prior to April 2016 — that is approximately 123,000 vehicles globally.

Tesla’s electric sedan has an issue with its power steering component. However, the company assures that no injuries or accidents have been reported because of the said issue.

An estimated .02 percent of the vehicles in the United States have experienced an issue with the steering that seemingly presents itself in cold winter climates where the roads are salted.

An email going out on Thursday to the customers who are affected assures that the cars can still be driven. However, the email says that the cars must eventually be taken in to have the parts replaced. A representative from Tesla will be in touch with the owners to schedule an appointment. The retrofit is anticipated to take approximately an hour.

The main issue with the vehicles involves the power steering bolts that are said to corrode in cold climates, especially in places where magnesium or calcium road salts are used instead of table salt. the email reads that all the bolts will be replaced in all the early Model S vehicles no matter the climate “to account for the possibility that the vehicle may later be used in a highly corrosive environment.”

The stock of Tesla was immediately affected by the announcement of the recall.

In 2017, a different recall affected the Model S because of an issue with the parking brake.