£135m Spent By Brits On Craft Beer During The Past 12 Months


Fresh figures have revealed that the sensationalisation of craft beer was able to maintain its momentum during the past 12 months.

A record amount of £135 million was spent in the said category in the year to June. According to Kantar Worldpanel, the latest figures show an increase amounting to 47 percent as compared to the total numbers from last year of only £92 million.

This was considered to be on par with the increase of 47 percent in the consumption that was recorded in 2017, when the boom of craft beer got into full swing.

The growth in the said category has swiftly accelerated since 2015, when spending increased by only 13.5 percent to £46 million.

Nowadays, more and more people are going hopping mad for the said craze, not only spending more on specialist beers but also by drinking higher volumes.

Over the last 12 months, drinkers in the United Kingdom was able to consume approximately 38 million litres of craft beer, an increase of 52 percent on the year.

The fast-growing sector has now become a target for more established firms, which are now snapping up breweries that are based in the United Kingdom.

Most recently, Beavertown sold a stake to Heineken to able able to fund a new £40 million brewery. Some of the other notable sales include London Fields Brewery to Carlsberg and Camden Town Brewery to AB InBev.

Meantime was also sold to AB InBev, however, it was later sold on to Asahi.

Laura Edwards, the general manager of Meantime, released as commenting regarding the new data, she stated: “As industry sales flourish, it’s clear that consumers’ love, knowledge and enjoyment of craft beer is extending from the pub to the home, as more people than ever look to enjoy a proper brew like Meantime. It’s fantastic that there’s more choice for beer drinkers than ever before.”