150,000 Patients in England Affected by NHS Data Breach

Photo by Patient Power via Flickr

The National Health Service (NHS) is blaming a coding error for the data breach that affected approximately 150,000 patients in Englan.

The people who are affected by the said data breach had requested that their confidential health information should only be used to help in providing them with care.

However, it seems that there was a problem with the software that was utilised by the GPs to record the objections to the same data that was being used for the purposes of auditing and research.

As a result, the SystmOne application that was involved never passed on the request to the IT provider of NHS England.

TPP, the developer of the said software, has said that it “apologises unreservedly” for the fault.

NHS Digital has said that it will notify all the patients who were involved as well as their GPs.

In a statement to the Parliament, Jackie Doyle-Price, the junior health minister, stated: “There is not, and has never been, any risk to patient care as a result of this error.”

She added that the recent introduction of the national data opt-out programme – a new service that enables the individuals to restrict the use of their health information without having to involve their GP – would not let such a failure occur again.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has been already been notified regarding the matter.

A spokesperson from the ICO stated: “We are aware of an incident involving NHS Digital and are making inquiries.”