18 People Dead in Bus Accident in Hongkong


On Saturday, a minimum of 18 people died in a high-speed bus crash that happened in Hong Kong in one of the worst traffic disasters of the city in recent years.

Television footage showed the damaged remains of the bus as the vehicle lay tumbled on the side of a major highway that is located in the northern reaches of the city. A number of firefighters on the scene cut the bus roof open in order to free the passengers who were still trapped inside.

Emergency workers immediately laid out some victims nearby beneath sheets.

Police said that at least 18 people that include 15 men had been confirmed to be dead on the scene. Dozens of people were hurt, with some of them sitting hunched on the highway with blood flowing from their injuries.

A senior man that was interviewed on television said that the driver of the bus had been going very fast at the time of the accident, and was even taking curves at high speed.

An executive of The Kowloon Motor Bus Co that operated the bus, with a surname of So, said that HK$80,000 ($10,230) worth of financial assistance would be paid to the families of every victim. The company said that it would also set up an investigation team to investigate on the cause of the accident.