A 20-year-old woman is suing Costco over chicken salad she says triggered kidney failure and $2 million in medical bills

Costco Chicken Poisoning – via Fox 13 News

A 20-year-old is demanding Costco after E. coli-contaminated chicken from the retailer created serious health difficulties like epilepsy and kidney failure.

Chloe Rodgerson has arranged a $2 million claim against Costco, two years after being seriously ill after consuming Costco’s infected chicken salad.

Two years ago in 2015, 19 people were poisoned with E. coli in Colorado, California, Missouri, Utah, Montana, Virginia, and Washington after consuming Costco’s rotisserie salad.

Rodgerson had been hospitalized to the ICU after puking blood. Doctors tried to diagnose the cause until the FDA called to investigate if she had consumed Costco chicken salad, she said.

Rodgerson claims that she spent over $2 million in medical bills, over the last two years as hemolytic uremic syndrome led to renal malfunction, epilepsy, and diabetes.

“I don’t have $2 million, and I’m not going to have sufficient resources to keep myself alive going forward in the future,” she said.

After a year and a half on dialysis, Rodgerson got a kidney transplant from her spouse. She said that she continues to have health dilemmas linked to the contaminated chicken, and will not be able to have kids.

Costco did not directly respond to request for answers. Aside from Robinson, four other people got ill after consuming the retailer’s E. coli-infected chicken, and one other also acquired hemolytic uremic syndrome.