2018 Winter Olympics Edition Galaxy Note 8 Designed by Samsung


Samsung has revealed a sweet-looking Galaxy Note 8 that customers might never get their hands on. The conglomerate from Korea has designed a limited edition version of the company’s extra large phone that is exclusively for the participants of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The limited edition phone is fitted with a shiny white back glass that represents wintertime and snow, and it is embellished with a gold Olympics logo and gold accents that are inspired by the Olympics torch. Inside, it is still the same Galaxy Note 8 that everyone else has, minus the PyeongChang 2018 themed wallpapers that are pre-loaded.

Samsung is set to distribute 4,000 devices to the staff members and the competing athletes before the games commence in early February. All participants of the Paralympic Winter Games will also be able to get cases that feature the logo of the Paralympic Games to go with their new smartphones.

Since the tech company has been a partner of the Olympics for decades, a special edition for the event is suitable for the course, especially now that the said event is being held in the company’s home country. While it is unfortunate that this said version is only available to the athletes and staff of the Olympics, interested customers may want to cross their fingers and hope that Samsung decides to sell it to the public eventually. The company was able to release the 2016 Olympics edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge to the public. However, it was only able to sell only a couple of thousand units worldwide.