$539 million Awarded by U.S. Jury to Apple in Samsung Patent Retrial


CNET, a technology publication reported that after almost five days of discussions, today, a jury in the United States, said that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is required to pay $539 million to Apple Inc for copying its patented smartphone features. It brought a years-long feud between the technology titans into its final stages.

Since 2011, the top smartphone rivals in the world have been in court over patents when Apple filed a lawsuit saying that the smartphones and tablets of Samsung “slavishly” copied its products. Samsung was found to be liable in a trial in 2012. However, a disagreement over the amount to be paid resulted in the current retrial over the damages where arguments ended on the 18th of May.

Previously, Samsung paid Apple $399 million to compensate the company for the infringement of some of the patents that were at issue in the case. The jury has been judging the case since last week.

Due to that credit, once the verdict is upheld on appeal, it will result in Samsung making an additional payment to Apple of almost $140 million.

In a statement, Apple said that it was pleased that the members of the US jury “agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products.”

We have contacted Samsung and spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for a comment regarding the matter.

The new jury verdict followed the trial in San Jose, California, before Judge Lucy Koh that concentrated on how much Samsung should be required to pay for infringing the patents of Apple covering aspects of the design of the iPhone. The jury awarded $533.3 million to Apple for the violation of Samsung of the so-called design patents and $5.3 million for the violation of the so-called utility patents.

This year, Apple informed jurors that it was entitled to the $1 billion in profits that Samsung made from selling infringed phones, saying that the design of the iPhone was crucial to their success.

Samsung attempted to limit the damages to around $28 million, saying that it should only pay for profits that are attributable to the components of its phones that infringed the patents of Apple.

Jurors in the earlier trial have awarded Apple with $1.05 billion, which was later decreased by the appeals courts.

in December 2015, Samsung paid $548 million to Apple including the $399 million for infringement of some of the patents that were at issue in the trial that was held this week.