5G Auction of Ofcom Set to Proceed After Dismissal of Three’s Challenge


After a legal challenge was dismissed today, telecoms companies are now a step closer to bringing 5G to the United Kingdom.

Three attempted to challenge the rules of a spectrum auction which will divide the airwaves to the prominent players in the industry. However, its appeal was rejected.

Ofcom is expected to hold the said auction in April, selling off the airwaves which will lead the way for 5G mobile services.

Three had desired for caps to be imposed on how much a single operator could control. However, the company’s attempts were rejected by the Court of Appeal today.

An Ofcom spokesperson stated: “We welcome this decision, and will now press ahead with releasing these important airwaves. This new capacity will allow mobile companies to offer more reliable reception, and to prepare for future 5G services.”

The 4G coverage of the operator will also be strengthened by the airwaves.

A representative of O2, a telecoms company, stated: “We welcome today’s decision to reject Three’s appeal. It is now imperative that we move forward and hold the auction as soon as possible”.


Concerns that the United States of America would pull ahead of the United Kingdom in its 5G roll-out arose, as AT&T attempts to push forward its plans to deploy it in 2018.

However, the auction will present the groundwork for the introduction of 5G to the United Kingdom by 2020.