8-year-old Student Slashed Other students At School Using A Knife

By Daveswagon at English Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

In the United States of America, police authorities say that a student, who was only eight years old brought a kitchen knife to an elementary school that is located in central Minnesota. The police said that the child even attacked three other school children.

Chief Perry Beise says that on Monday, the victims aged 13, 9, and 8 have suffered some “superficial wounds” that required stitches. He said that the attack occurred before the classes began at Pleasantview Elementary, a school that is located in Sauk Rapids. He also said that no other students were hurt.

Bruce Watkins, the School Superintendent, says that the schoolboy lashed out at the other three students until the incident was intervened by an adult.

Beise says that the boy was then held by the police to be interviewed and was eventually released to his parents. The said case will be forwarded to the office of the county prosecutor.

One of the three children who was injured is a student from the seventh-grade who was waiting to catch a transfer bus. The other two children are students from Pleasantview Elementary.

The police in Sauk Rapids has not returned a phone message that is asking for their comment regarding the matter.