Adidas and Fitbit Have an Answer to Apple’s Apple Watch

Photo via Wareable

Lovers of smartwatches and “hypebeasts” alike recently got a whole new reason to be excited.

On Tuesday, the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Sports Edition went on pre-sale. The smartwatch was initially announced last August, and it is considered to be very nifty. The new smartwatch is the latest release of the company in the war of the wearables, which Fitbit seems to be losing to Apple so far.

The Ionic is a $300 smartwatch that is offered by Fitbit. The company released the smartwatch last October. However, it returned disappointing sales numbers. However, the Adidas edition adds more branded pizzazz to the Ionic, the product on which Fitbit is attributing its financial future.

The Adidas edition comes with a breathable sports band, an exclusive clock face, and on-screen Adidas workouts. The device also comes with an additional $30 on its price tag — taking the price for the Adidas Ionic to $330.

Introducing Adidas into the Fitbit fold actually makes sense, and could help in generating some interest in the floundering smartwatch. After all, Adidas is said to be the company that was able to reinvent itself through high-fashion “collabs” with brands such as Jeremy Scott, Céline, and eventually Kanye West. Currently, the brand is beloved by the Jenners, Kardashians, and their admirers all over the world. With its experience and caché in collaborations, Adidas could offer Fitbit the edge that it sorely needs in order to compete with Apple in the arena of fitness wearables.

However, the Adidas edition is in even more direct competition with one of the products of Apple which is the Apple Watch NikeLab Edition. Last April, Nike entered a partnership with Apple to release their version of the watch that is affiliated with the fitness brand. The collaboration also featured a special look that is designed by Nike. However, it did not have the extra “perks” of the ionic. What it really offered Apple was a cool, fashion-forward factor that the Apple watch was seriously lacking.