Africans Protest Against Deportation Plan of Israel


Asylum seekers in Africa and their local supporters are protesting against a plan of Israel to deport them.

The government of Israel has given the migrants until the 1st of April to leave the country for an unnamed destination in Africa in exchange for a plane ticket and $3,500, or they will be indefinitely incarcerated.

Almost all of the Africans are from war-torn Sudan and dictatorial Eritrea. They say that they feel great appreciation for Israel however, it is coupled with dread because of the imminent expulsions.

Israel recognises that the vast majority of the almost 40,000 migrants to be job seekers and says that it has no legal obligation to retain them. Critics have called the plan of the government to be unethical and a stain on the image of Israel as a refuge for Jewish migrants.

The organisers say that approximately 15,000 gathered for the protest in south Tel Aviv last Saturday.