As Air Passenger Duty increases to £172 per person, WeSwap reveals more hidden charges and how to make it back by being smart with travel money


Following the Autumn Budget yesterday afternoon, it was announced that Air Passenger Duty for long-haul flights would increase to £172 per person, affecting those of us looking to travel further afield next summer. This charge, however, is not the only one increasing the cost of travel, which is rife with hidden charges that chip away at our holiday savings. WeSwap can reveal the top charges to be aware of and how to make it all back by being smarter with your holiday money.

Top hidden charges:

  • Air Passenger Duty is due to increase to £172 in April next year and currently stands at £153 for long-haul flights
  • Tourist Tax, which is commonplace in many destinations, can reach the hundreds, especially for the Balearic Islands, which can be as high as £3.50 per day per person
  • Travel aggregators don’t always offer the best prices compared with booking direct, especially when it comes to low-cost airlines. This is due in part to aggregator fees, which can mean the difference in up to £50 for a single flight.
  • Booking fees and other charges, which aren’t always added until the point of payment, can mean the difference between affordable and unobtainable for holidaymakers

How to make it all back:

  • WeSwap’s research has shown that UK holidaymakers bring back an average of £90 from each trip in unspent foreign currency. By using a service such as WeSwap’s BuyBack, which swaps your currency back to Sterling at a fair rate, UK holidaymakers can ensure their leftover currency doesn’t fester in the bottom of kitchen drawers.
  • Book your currency well before you travel. WeSwap offers a preferential rate to travellers that plan in advance for their travel money, meaning holidaymakers can make their money go further by not leaving their currency to the last minute.
  • Use a prepaid travel money card, specifically one that is transparent with its fees. Many can get caught out by things like ATM fees and transaction fees, so be aware of what your provider is charging you beyond the point of sale.
  • Choose a travel money provider with a good exchange rate. Zero percent commissions do not always mean you are getting the most for your money. WeSwap swaps your money at the interbank rate with a 1% commission, meaning you know exactly where you stand.