Airbnb Acquires Startup Accomable to Help Customers Find Disability-Friendly Rentals


Airbnb is aware that its hosts have not always been kind to people that have disabilities, and it is taking some definitive actions to fix the said weakness. Recently, the company bought a startup that helps customers to embark on disability-friendly travels called Accomable. While Accomable is winding down over the coming months, its accommodation listings will find their way into the entries of Airbnb for more than sixty countries. Customers will be able to know if a host really does have accommodations that are suitable for guests that have disabilities throughout the home, not just wheelchair access at the entrance. Also, Airbnb is tying to pursue its own improvements to help customers make more informed choices.

It is offering checklists that hosts can fill out in order to indicate their exact level of accommodation, including whether entrances are wide enough to fit wheelchairs. In theory, will be easy to make sure that the customers can have access to the washroom or the kitchen without having to ask hosts. The feature is currently beginning to appear on the web, and it should be available in mobile apps within a few months.

It will take a while before these additions are can be easily noticed. This is not the end of the efforts of Airbnb, however, and the combination of the deal with Accomable with the checklist feature is at least an acknowledgement that the present strategy was not working. It already had a policy that is preventing discrimination against guests that are disabled. However, that clearly was not enough to ban some hosts from rejecting guests who had their conditions disclosed. In the near future, customers might not have to take that risk as they can perform a beeline for the homes that are truly prepared to welcome them in.