Airbnb sees 80 percent jump in visitors to Britain


On Monday, Airbnb stated that in 2016, Airbnb had observed an 80 percent increase in visitors to Britain, as travelers pour into the country to take advantage of the weaker pound.

The company said that the increase in visitors inbound to the United Kingdom using its platform was 81% between July 2016 and July 2017, generating 3.46 billion pounds ($4.6 billion) for the economy, and making visitor numbers to 5.9 million.

Airbnb revealed that in terms of numbers of listings, the country was its fifth largest home-sharing community.

“The UK continues to break records on Airbnb – both as a world-leading destination, and for the benefits that hosting generates for local families and their communities,” general manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb, James McClure, said in a statement.

Tourism to Britain has been rising, according to official figures. It was helped by a drop in the pound since June 2016 when Britain voted to leave the European Union.

During the second quarter, Britain received the highest number of foreign visitors ever. On the other hand, Europe’s largest airport, Heathrow, reported a record August last Monday.

Airbnb has flourished the market for travel accommodation and competes with hotels by letting people lease out their houses or apartments, either in full or as part of a house-share.

However, the rise of Airbnb has not been without controversy.

The company has argued with authorities in Barcelona over whether it implements regulations to restrict crowds from overwhelming the city.

There have also been conflicts in other cities such as Paris and Berlin that claim that it denies locals of accommodation for hikes rental prices and permanent rent.

Airbnb said that London had reached 64,000 active listings. Last December, it implemented a new rule to prevent owners from leasing out houses in the British capital for over 90 days in a year. The mayor of London welcomed the said move.