Airbus: Hard Brexit Will Cause Business to ‘Grind To A Halt’

Photo by Christine Matthews via Wikimedia Commons

Airbus has warned the government of the United Kingdom that it must give a clearer vision of the post-Brexit relationship of the country with the European Union or risk a drop in investment in the industry of aviation.

Writing to the Financial Times, Tom Enders, the chief executive of Airbus, called the lack of clarity regarding Brexit a scenario that is “damaging and hard to bear.”

On Wednesday, Enders informed the FT: “A transition arrangement for the UK’s departure will be a positive step, once it is signed. But this is a temporary solution – it does not solve all the issues that need to be addressed.

“We must have more clarity on the UK’s long-term relationships, not just for the next 20 months.”

The CEO of the manufacturer called for the United Kingdom to remain within the aviation safety certification agency of the European Union to make sure that new planes will be able to gain the essential rights to fly.

He stated: “My business, aviation, is by its very nature global.”

Enders added: “Aerospace manufacturers, whose products must meet rigorous safety and certification standards, cannot let political whims drive the crucial issue facing our industry: no certification, no fly.”

He warned that a hard Brexit would result in delays to supply chains which will be “causing our business to grind to a halt.”

Airbus spends approximately £5bn per year with its suppliers in the United Kingdom and predicts that Brexit will affect 672 sites. The manufacturer says that it supports around 117,000 jobs in the United Kingdom.