Aircharge Launched On London Bus Routes


The UK tech company that is behind the wireless charging pads that are found in McDonalds, Costa, and Starbucks is going mobile, with its latest expansion to launch on the bus routes of London.

Aircharge forged a partnership with Optare, a British bus manufacturer. Its charging points will initially be available on Green Line routes that are operating between London and some airports, including Heathrow and Luton, as well as other routes around the country.

Some new transport areas, including an upcoming deal with one of the major train operators, are also expected to be announced in the next few months.

Steve Liquorish, the chief executive of Aircharge said that the business targets “anywhere where there’s major dwell time” and it is not too crowded, which is why user won’t probably see them popping up on central Tube lines any time soon.

He continued: “If you think about wireless charging, it’s a shift in behaviour. Five or six o’clock is battery anxiety time when people are searching for power.”

He added: “We drink water throughout the day, little and often, to stay hydrated, and it’s the same with wireless charging. If you’re on the bus for half an hour, why wouldn’t you put your phone down to charge while you’re en route and grab an extra 15 or 20 per cent?”

The headquarters of Aircharge is located in Oxfordshire. It is also starting to expand globally by opening a few offices in the United States of America.

Liquorish stated: “We’re a very UK-centric company, with all our design and software engineers based here. But we’ve quickly started to grab hold of global aspirations, and that’s where we see ourselves now.”

The users can open the Aircharge app to see check the nearest wireless charging hotspot, which Liquorish said is a good way of visualising how the company has permeated the market.

The news was released as wireless charging increases in popularity with smartphone manufacturers, after Google, Samsung, and Apple all released products that have wireless charging compatibility in the previous months.