AirPower: Wireless Charging Mat of Apple May Finally Be Available Next Month


Following Apple’s reveal of the iPhone X, the company announced support for the wireless standard Qi, thus entering the world of wireless charging. And after a few months,  MacOtakara, a Japanese blog, has revealed that the wireless charging pad of Apple is almost ready for release.

Devices that have been supporting the products of Apple have existed ever since the release of the iPhone X last September. However, the AirPower of Apple promises unique features that are not available in other products, thanks to a proprietary specification that is built around the Qi specification of the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC).

The wireless charging standard of Apple that is called AirPower allows the users to charge various devices at one time, including a 2017 or newer iPhone, AirPods, or an Apple Watch, thanks to a wireless charging case. Powering multiple devices at once looks like a simple matter. However, it is not. Various devices require different amounts of power, and the pad requires a method to detect which device is where — and then to supply the suitable amount of power only to devices that are sitting in that specific location. MacOtakara reveals that the AirPower will make use of a special radio signal to detect where every device sits.

People also assume that a special case will enable any existing AirPods to charge. However, that remains to be seen. A footnote on the iPhone X page of Apple, says: “AirPods with wireless charging capabilities coming in 2018.” However, that does imply the introduction of wireless capabilities or of new AirPods?

Special radio transmitters and exclusive specifications in an Apple-branded device? People could expect it to cost more compared to the existing chargers, which usually range from $40 to $60 or more, when the product ships, possibly next month. VentureBeat speculates that the Apple device could sell for as much as $199, indicating a placeholder entry on a Polish website. People expect the price to be more reasonable. However, people also expect the price to still higher compared to other devices in the market.