Aldi and Asda Restrict Sales of Energy Drinks to People Under 16

Photo by Austin Kirk/Flickr

Supermarket chains Aldi and Asda have become the newest to announce plans to ban the sales of energy drinks.

It follows the calls from campaigners including MP Maria Caulfield and Jamie Oliver for the government to initiate a blanket ban on the sale of high-caffeine drinks to children.

Asda is set to become the first of the “big four” grocery players to initiate the move, limiting the sales of 84 different drinks to those people who are aged 16 or under from early March of this year. Aldi will make use of the same rule for any drink that has more than 150g of caffeine per liter.

Earlier this month, Waitrose already announced that it would adopt a similar policy. All three retailers said that they would require an ID for purchases of the drinks.

The chief executive of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie, stated: “We welcome Asda, Aldi and Waitrose’s announcement to restrict the sale to under 16s of high caffeine drinks. We hope other big retailers take this same positive step.”