An Alexa App has been Developed by Meal Delivery Startup Kit Gousto


To help people cook its recipes, Gousto, the meal delivery kit startup that competes with the likes of HelloFresh, has released a new Amazon Alexa app.

The 5-year-old startup enables you to place weekly recipe orders online. It then delivers perfectly measured ingredients along with recipe cards directly to your doorstep.

The Gousto Alexa app, which became available on Thursday, guides users through Gousto recipes step-by-step, enabling them to cook “hands-free”. Users can also make use of the Alexa app to review the things in their box and remind themselves regarding the recipe orders that they have placed.

Gousto is not the only food startup that is looking to capitalise on virtual assistants. Co-founder and CEO of lunch subscription startup MealPal, Mary Biggins, informed Business Insider that some of her engineers are considering developing an Alexa app.

However, Gousto claims to be the first firm in the increasingly competitive recipe box delivery market to develop an Alexa app.

In a statement, Shaun Pearce, Gousto CTO, said: “At Gousto, we’re passionate about using technology to transform weekly mealtimes for UK families — helping to make shopping, planning, and cooking for weekly meals simple and convenient.

“We invest heavily in data science, our tech stack and operational infrastructure — which gives us an advantage over competitors and much larger brands. In two years, we’ve grown our tech team by 600%.

“We encourage innovation within the team, by allocating 10% of our engineers’ time to work on what they think will benefit Gousto and its customers. This encourages our team to think creatively and many of these projects have gone on to become fully functional tools, including this Alexa skill.” Since the launch, Gousto has been benefited by two rounds of funding from private investors that includes Unilever Ventures, BGF Ventures, Angel CoFund, MMC Ventures, and Barclays.

In a statement, the CEO of Gousto, Timo Boldt, said: “We’re customer obsessed, constantly finding ways to offer even more ease and convenience around mealtimes. With one in four UK households expected to have an Amazon Echo by 2018 — it’s just another way we can offer a service which fits in around their busy lifestyles and help families serve up good home-cooked food.”