Alexa Updated By Amazon So People Won’t Have to Say ‘Alexa’ Repeatedly

Photo by Guillermo Fernandes from Flickr

The Alexa smart home assistant of Amazon recently got a smarter and easier to talk to.

On Friday, CNET reported that Devices that are Alexa-enabled had been updated to enable its users to follow up with a second question for Alexa without the need to say “Alexa” again, paving the way for a more natural conversation.

The said new feature is called the Follow-Up Mode, and the feature has to be enabled by the users before it can be used.

Devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot will give the users five seconds to hit it with a follow-up question after it answers the user’s first one, lighting up blue to indicate that it is still listening.The mode would not listen to just anything that is said though. However, it will instead look out for things that it thinks it is being asked.

In other words, the user does not have to stay silent for fear of accidentally asking it something. The user can also end the conversation by saying things like “thank you” or “stop.”

It is considered to be a small improvement for the smart home assistant. However, it is a good step toward making things like Alexa appear more natural and a bit easier to use.

Recently, Alexa received another update that made the smart home speaker a little smarter: time-based music requests. The feature enabled users to say something like “Alexa, play that playlist I listened to Saturday night,” which is helpful if the users do not remember what they were recently listening to but just knew that they were vibing to it.

The AI still does not have the ability to handle multiple requests in one breath; the users have to wait for Alexa to answer one question before they can ask another one. However, it may be introduced someday.