Amber Rudd: Plan B Options For Brexit Plausible

Photo via Flickr

Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, has cast more doubt over the Brexit plans of Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, after admitting that the United Kingdom could pursue some alternatives should the current deal be voted against this coming Tuesday.

Rudd is a Remain-backing cabinet minister. In an interview with the Today programme of BBC Radio 4, she said that she supported the plan of the prime minister, however, she said that she acknowledged that “anything could happen.”

She is the first minister to publicly introduce possible options if ever the deal will not be accepted. She has said that a “Norway plus” situation where the United Kingdom join the European Free Trade Association or another referendum are some of the plausible alternatives.

She stated: “What we need is a compromise deal – that’s what the prime minister has proposed.”

She continued: “We are getting closer to the vote. People are saying why they are not going to vote for it and I’m just pointing out if you don’t vote for it, these are the other things that could happen. Are you sure you want them more?”

In the interview, Rudd said that the “perfect vision” that the people had for Brexit was a pipedream. She said that the deal that May reached with the European Union last month was “the best” available.

“I would urge my colleagues to think about, first of all, why people voted to leave the European Union, what their interpretation is of that; and, secondly, what the alternatives are,” she said.

She added: “If it doesn’t get through, anything could happen… and none of them are as good as the current arrangement.”

In an interview with the Time, Rudd said that she would support Remain if ever there was another referendum, even though the prime minister has already ruled it out on several occasions.

She stated: “I’m not someone who has just changed my mind. If there was another referendum, I think we’re better off in.”