American self-styled Indiana Jones prompted by authorities to abort his ₤ 1.5 million treasure chest


Some 100,000 travelers have triggered searching for his surprise gold but there are growing worries it is a silly pursuit after a 2nd death last month

Multi-millionaire traveler and collector Forrest Fenn, 86, set his fellow citizens on a huge witch hunt, burying a ₤ 1.5 million stash of gold and gems someplace in the Rocky Mountains.

But while the eccentric’s A-list fans consist of Indy series director Steven Spielberg, he likewise stood out of the FBI who penetrated him over grave-robbing claims.

He rode out that storm, objecting innocence, but native American chiefs have branded him “cursed” for his collection techniques.

Now the witch hunt he established, to obtain Americans back into the wild, does undoubtedly appear to be haunted by a Tutankhamun-style doom.

Some 100,000 travelers have triggered looking for his concealed gold but there are growing worries it is a silly pursuit– after last month saw a 2nd hunter in simply over a year pass away looking.

Texan-born Fenn initially captured the explorer bug as a child, on checking out America’s Yellowstone National Park.

His enthusiasm grew as an embellished United States Air Force pilot in Vietnam, before he started looking for, gathering and trading ancient antiques worldwide.

By the 1980s his treasures consisted of a mummified falcon from ancient Egyptian ruler Tutankhamun’s burial place, a jade mask older than Jesus Christ and Native American Sitting Bull’s peace pipeline– which is valued at more than ₤ 850,000.

Tales of his adventures included him hurrying from caverns to evade rattlesnakes and harmful spiders– much like Indiana Jones, played in smash hits consisting of Raiders Of The Lost Ark by Harrison Ford.

Fenn when boasted: “In my mind I’ve constantly been the very best on the planet at gathering cool things.

He hosted a world-renowned art gallery which invited the similarity President Gerald Ford, Jackie Kennedy and Cher.

They concerned see Fenn’s pricey collection and watch him feed his animal alligator, Beowulf.

Fenn’s home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, houses his collection, where other visitors have consisted of Hollywood star Steve Martin.

Fenn declares the stash he concealed in the Rockies back in 2010 consists of a 17th-century Spanish ring, American eagle gold coins, gold nuggets, a vial of gold dust and 2 gold discs, plus rubies, sapphires and diamonds.