Amsterdam Set To Impose Ban An All Diesel And Petrol Vehicles Starting 2030


Amsterdam is set to impose a ban all “polluting” vehicles by 2030. It comes as an effort to clean up the air. of the city/

The Dutch city’s council issued its “Clean Air Action Plan” last Thursday. The plan includes measures including replacing all diesel and petrol cars, as well as motorcycles, with alternatives that are free from emissions.

Starting next year, diesel cars predating 2005 will be banned from an area within the A10 ring road of Amsterdam. Additional restrictions will be implemented over the next decade.

The council said, the said measures partly arise from government policy and agreements that were made by local municipalities with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the country. ,

The council said that it is hoping that this will extend the lives of the dwellers of the city by at least three months. According to the Dutch health ministry, the average life is of a series cut short by 13 months due to airborne pollution.

The current levels of nitrogen dioxide and particle matter emissions of the city have been discovered to lead to respiratory illnesses. Chronic exposure can be fatal.

In an interview with Reuters, the city’s traffic councillor, Sharon Dijksma, stated: “Pollution often is a silent killer and is one of the greatest health hazards in Amsterdam,”

Dijksma said that the most effective way to change this is to introduce emissions-free transport.

“She continued: This is something the city council has a direct effect on, hence my mission to make Amsterdam the world capital of emissions-free mobility.”

In 2016, Milieudefensie, a Dutch environmental organisation, discovered that the air in Amsterdam is so polluted, residents endure the same health detriments from breathing it as they would from smoking six cigarettes per day.

“We must and will do everything to improve the situation,” the Amsterdam city council said.