Anna Kendrick Talks About Relationship Boundaries

    Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

    Anna Kendrick has talked out about the significance of respecting the boundaries of relationships.

    The star of Pitch Perfect revealed that when she was younger, she broke up with someone because he refused to respect something that was small but was important to her.

    Despite not wanting to be dubbed as “the crazy girl,” Kendrick emphasised the importance of being true to one’s self and not sacrificing the things that matter to you in order to impress someone.

    Talking to Elle, Kendrick cited an anecdote in which she was dating a guy who would tickle her playfully, this, however, made her uncomfortable and she requested the said guy to stop.

    “I know that’s cute and that people do it, but I really don’t like being tickled,” Kendrick informed the guy.

    “It really makes me feel trapped and panicked. I know it’s silly and funny for most people, but I really hate it, so could you please not?”

    However, the guy that was in question replied by calling her concerns “really dumb” and continued to tickle her some more.

    Ultimately, Kendrick ended their relationship.

    “I knew that in the retelling of that story, I would be some crazy girl,” said Kendrick.

    “That he would tell his friends, ‘Oh, she broke up with me because I tickled her. What a psycho.’ I just had to go, ‘No, I broke up with you because I told you something was important to me, and you didn’t respect that.’”

    The actress went on to explain that even though the said relationship was no more, she was glad that she stood up for herself during that moment, even though she added that she had a hard time to articulate it at the time.

    “I didn’t really know how to say to a guy, ‘But this is how I feel. It should matter to you if you care about me,’” said Kendrick.