Another Company Claims It Can Break Into Your iPhone

Photo by William Hook from Flickr

There may be more than one way to break into an iPhone X of a user.

According to Naked Security, a blog, a little-known company that is called Grayshift has been discretely talking about the ability of the firm to unlock the latest phones of Apple, including the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

The revelation comes a week after Forbes published a report that Cellebrite, an Israeli firm, was able to discover a way into the phones that are running iOS 11.2.6. Cellebrite is reportedly a government contractor of the United States of America.

Controversy has waved around the journey to bypass the encryption that is built into the iPhones of Apple. In 2016, Apple and the FBI were involved in a high-profile battle regarding access to an iPhone 5C that had been in the possession of one of the shooters in the terrorist incident that happened in San Bernardino. The FBI eventually broke into the said smartphone with the help of a third party. However, it did not disclose details on how it managed to do so.

Naked Security stated that Grayshift is promoting a tool that is called GrayKey, which prices start at $15,000.

Neither Apple or Grayshift could immediately be reached to issue a comment regarding the matter.