Apple Co-Founder Explains Why He Would Not Be Buying the iPhone X


Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has explained why the iPhone X will be the first smartphone of the company that he would not be upgrading to on day one.

The 67-year-old who founded Apple with Steve Jobs 41 years ago, said that he was not convinced by the device’s new features offer and that he was satisfied to stick with his iPhone 8 for the time being.

He also stated that he felt that smartphones had reached a point where the new smartphones no longer offered the huge leaps in terms of innovation that they once did.

Wozniak informed CNBC: “I am just worried about what it provides me. I’d rather wait and watch that one. I’m happy with my iPhone 8, which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me. I think I will watch other people in this case.

“For some reason, the iPhone X is going to be the first iPhone I didn’t — on day one — upgrade to. But my wife will, so I’ll be close enough to see it.”

His comments were made just days before Apple’s iPhone X becomes available for pre-order on Friday, October 27.

Apple has been describing the X as a paradigm shift for the smartphone industry, with Tim Cook saying that it is “a product that will set the path for technology for the next decade.”

The flagship smartphone introduces a series of new features such as a Face ID function that will enable users to unlock the phone simply by looking at it, and an edge-to-edge 5.8in ‘super retina’ display.

CNBC reports that Wozniak also expressed doubts that the new features such as Face ID would work the way they are intended to.

In 1976, Wozniak founded Apple with Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, after the two bonded over a common love of electronics as teens growing up in Palo Alto, California.

He is recognized as being the engineering brains behind the early success of Apple, which was in turn complemented by the abilities of Steve Jobs as a marketer and a product visionary.

In 1985, Wozniak left Apple after becoming disappointed with the direction that the company was taking. However, he has continued to be a fan of the products of the company and has usually been seen in lining up for latest iPhones over the past decade.

Wozniak stated that in recent years, he was now more intrigued by developments in areas like that of electric cars and that he had become less excited by new smartphones.

Wozniak continued: “My attention also doesn’t go to the latest smartphone in the highest category as much as it used to, it goes more into articles about electric vehicles and self-driving cars and what companies are doing.”