Apple to Feature ‘Hey Siri!’ in Its AirPods

Photo by Maurizio Pesce/Flickr

Apple Inc is currently working on the improved functionality for the next generation of the AirPods, which are known internally as the B288. Voice activation would not be the only new part of the new AirPods of Apple either, as they will include an updated chip that is designed by Apple for handling Bluetooth connections. The original AirPods includes the W1 chip, while the latest Apple Watch made use of the W2. It is unclear if these new AirPods will make use of an updated W2 or a brand-new chip.

The next batch of AirPods could likely arrive as early as later in 2018. However, Apple is already working on yet another new model after the launch, as the company plans to regularly release updated AirPods, much as it does with iPhones and many of the other products of the company. The future model will also be water resistant, but that does not mean that people would be able to listen to music while they are swimming. The idea is for the headphones to withstand splashes of water, such as when people are wearing them in the rain. The said model could likely arrive in 2019, but as is always the case, the plans of the company could be delayed or changed entirely.

Whether or not these updated models will arrive as planned, it is a given that people will see more of them at some point, considering they are selling like hotcakes. Earlier in February, Luca Maestri, the chief financial officer of Apple, said that wearables were the second-largest contributor to the revenue of the company, after the iPhone, and that sales in that category had soared by 70 percent.

The idea of the updated AirPods is not bad for the consumers either. While people called them the best fully wireless earbuds that are available, people did still have some issues with them. If Apple discovers a way to help them stay in the ears of the users a little better and improves the sound quality while improving the already fantastic battery life and wireless reliability, this great product could get even better.