Apple HomePod Set to Go On Sale of February 9 in the UK

Photo via Youtube

The HomePod is the much-awaited smart speaker of Apple. It is scheduled to go on sale on the 9th of February. Pre-orders were announced to start this Friday.

The giant tech company is attempting to take on the dominance of Amazon with the Alexa-powered Echo range and Google Home.

The launch of the said device was first announced in 2017 with claims that “no one’s quite nailed it yet.” The launch of the product was delayed. Thus it missed out on the crucial Christmas spending season.

Initially, the HomePod will be available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, with the tech giant promising that Germany and France will follow in “spring.”

The HomePod will feature the voice assistant of Apple, Siri, which is familiar from iPhones.

Apple is advancing its privacy features in order to stand out against rivals, remarking that it keeps the information anonymous and encrypted during its unveiling and that the device will only “listen” when it is in use.

The new device is priced at £r319; it is more costly compared to its rivals. However, Apple is also promoting the sound quality of the HomePod, which analysts say is an effort to put it up against high-end audio makers including Bang&Olufsen and Sonos instead of Amazon and Google.

Reportedly, Facebook is also set to introduce its own home device.