Apple Introduces ‘Memoji’ With iOS 12


Snapchat may be already be shaking since Apple will now allow users to become an Animoji with their newly-launched Memoji feature.

As people can remember, Animojis are 3D emojis that are capable of replicating the facial expressions and the voice of the user. The key difference with the Memoji is instead of being a tiger or bear, the users can be themselves.

Users might be doing a double take with the AR Emoji of Samsung, but they should not. While they seem to be similar, the look of the Memoji of Apple is much less awkward, and they have the ability for more customizations.

The memoji was demoed on stage during the WWDC 18. The users will be given the ability to create thier own Memoji in the Messages app when they upgrade iOS 12. (The new OS is scheduled to launch during the fall season.) Users will start off by picking a hairstyle and skin colour. From there, they have the choice to customize almost every other feature, from glasses to earrings and so much more.

As with the Bitmoji, users can change up their outfit for special occasions. However, Apple takes it a step further with the Face Detection and Tongue Detection — these features will definitely take your Animoji game to the next level, all thanks to the TrueDepth camera that is included on the iPhone X. It has the ability to map your face using sensors and then replicates it into a Memoji or an Animoji.

The users will be able to use the Memojis in messages, just like current Animojis, as part of the Animoji drawer. For iOS 12, the users will also be able to use them as stickers and even use the Memojis during FaceTime calls. (Also, it was disclosed during the event that the Group FaceTime for a maximum of 32 people is also coming with iOS 12. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.)

The greatest takeaway from this new feature so far? Memojis look fresh and fun, not creepy unlike some other attempts — for example, the AR Emojis of Samsung. Those also did not take off as much as the phone giant was expecting, maybe due to exactly that reason. And while the Bitmoji of Snapchat is popular and is also offering customization, they do not have face detection capabilities.

It appears that both Bitmoji of Snapchat and the AR Emoji of Samsung have a bit of catching up to do.

The Memojis of Apple is scheduled to launch with iOS 12 this coming fall.