Apple Leak Hints About Dual-Sim Support For New Iphones


According to a leaked code, the next generation of iPhones could give the users an option to have two SIM cards.

The clues that suggest that the new series of handsets will include the said feature have been discovered in the most recent update to the beta operating system of Apple.

The support for a second SIM card has been rumoured for a long time for the iPhone, however, it has never arrived. Offering the said feature would enable the customers to make use of two numbers or accounts in a single phone – enabling people to use personal and/or business numbers, for instance, or a different account while they are travelling or just at home.

The details of the leak were revealed by 9to5mac, a blog, which discovered clues in the most recent iOS beta update – number five, which was only released to the developers of Apple – that made a reference to a “second SIM” and even an extra SIM tray.

It is considered to be far from the first time that the beta software of Apple has disclosed key products or features before they were released. For instance, in 2017, a firmware for the HomePod speaker unintentionally spoiled the look of the iPhone X as well as a whole lot of features that were discovered inside.

While this year, the beta software also appears to imply that Apple would soon introduce its AirPods that would be capable of wireless charging.

The new iPhones of Apple are expected to be announced this coming September. The line-up is expected to include three phones namely an update to the most recent iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus that will have all of the same features of the new iPhone X update but it will come in a bigger design, and a cheaper handset that will lie somewhere in the between the two and miss out on some of the significant upgrades.