Apple might unveil a 4K TV box at next month’s iPhone event


According to Bloomberg, Apple will be introducing another product in September, along with its latest iPhones and Apple Watches. Also, Cupertino is apparently announcing its 4K – and HDR-capable Apple TV. If you can remember, Bloomberg reported that the tech giant had updated its TV streaming box with the ability to stream in 4K resolution and to play more colour-rich HDR videos. The upgraded box is believed to come with a faster processor since it is expected to stream larger files with higher resolutions. Obviously, buyers will need to pair it with a TV that is also capable of playing 4K HRD content so that they can experience its full potential.

However, Apple’s engineers were apparently unsatisfied with the incremental upgrade despite its new capabilities and faster processor since the company failed to enter partnerships to make the vision to develop a cord-cutting device with the first Apple TV a reality. It is still unclear whether the company will pursue deals with broadcast networks. However, Bloomberg notes that Apple is talking to streaming services such as Netflix about providing more 4K videos.

Also, Apple is currently talking to film studios about selling 4K movies through iTunes. A particular iTunes UK transaction in July labelling a film as “4K, HDR” suggests that negotiations are progressing smoothly. In the future, we are presumably going to see some original 4K shows in the future., taking in consideration that the company has already budgeted an $1 billion for original programming. Also, Amazon Prime Video can be accessed by the old and upcoming TV boxes

According to the Bloomberg article, Apple seeks to “revive its video ambitions” with the new and upgraded device as the original has not been performing well as Chromecast, Roku, and the Fire TV. It was remembered that it made a few hires for that particular purpose over the past months which includes the former Fire TV chief who is in charge of Apple’s TV division, Tim Twerdhal. Currently,  we are still in the dark regarding the cost of the new streaming box. But it’s almost September — we won’t need to wait for too long to find out.