Apple To Offer Services To Fix Defective iPhone and MacBook Models


Apple has said that it will be offering its services in order to fix some products for free after it was able to discover some faults in its iPhone X and MacBook Pro models.

The tech giant disclosed that the touchscreen on some of the iPhone X devices will intermittently not be responsive to the touch of a user, or even react despite not being touched.

The producer is based in California. It said that a part in the display was faulty on some of its models.

It has, however, pledged to replace the display module of the phone free of charge for the customers who have been affected by the said issues.

The company also said that it would service hard drives on some of its 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

The hard drives on the models that do not have a touch bar which were sold between the period of June 2017 and June 2018, had failed or has erased the information of users.

Apple said that it would be offering its services to fix the said models and restore them to factory settings. However, it warned its customers to back up the data on their devices.

Unfortunately, the company said that the files which have already been lost will not anymore be recovered. However, it said that it may refund users who have already paid to have the problems fixed.

This is the most recent in a series of issues which Apple has been required to remedy.

Last year, the firm launched a massive programme to replace the batteries on some of its iPhone models after admitting that a software update slowed down the performance of some phones that have ageing batteries.

Last June, it promised to replace the keyboards on some of the MacBook and MacBook Pro models after they generated some complaints on social media.