Apple Partners With Salesforce To Improve Business Apps for iPhone and iPad


Apple has entered into a strategic partnership with Salesforce. It will see the two companies working together on building enterprise apps that will utilise more of the best mobile features of Apple, such as Siri. It says that is a partnership “that brings together the number one customer relationship management platform and iOS.”

Siri definitely appears to be a large focus of this — at least on the side of Apple. Salesforce will be redesigning its own app as part of the said deal. It is scheduled to be launched early next year. It will also be providing new tools to developers that are using the platform of Salesforce to create business apps across the globe.

The chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, stated: “We’re excited to work with Salesforce and that their industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) will embrace native iOS and deliver exclusive new features on iPhone and iPad.”

In an interview with Reuters, he stated: “If you look at enterprise in general, voice has not been used as much as in consumer.”

He added: “We’re going to be able to provide the sales rep instant access to things using your voice instead of clicks and going through different apps. We’re changing the way people work, and that’s always been at the heart of what Apple is about — changing things for the better.”

The support for Apple features including Business Chat, Face ID, and the newly-introduced voice assistant shortcuts that were debuted in iOS 12 this September will be built into  developer kit of Salesforce. In turn, it will help businesses on the platform of Salesforce to make their own apps with these features included.

The chairman and co-chief executive of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, stated: “With this partnership, we’re bringing together the world’s number one CRM platform with iPhone and iPad, the world’s best devices for business.”

According to Reuters, approximately 5 million developers are currently using the Lightning platform of Salesforce, while around 20 million are making apps for Apple devices across the globe.

The developer toolkit is anticipated to launch by the end of the year.