Apple Plans Launch of News Subscription Feature


Reportedly, Apple, the American tech titan, is planning a launch of a new premium subscription feature which will offer the users the opportunity to access various news outlets in just a single app.

The new service was first reported by Bloomberg. It comes a month after the company that is headquartered in the Silicon Valley acquired a digital magazine service called Texture. Texture allows subscribers access to approximately 200 magazines for $9.99 (£6.98) per month.

Reportedly, Apple is planning to integrate Texture into the company’s existing Apple News app and offer its users the option to access hundreds of magazines and newspapers for a subscription fee.

Apple has only limited success with the news services applications of the company. Its original Newsstand app was removed in 2015, while The Daily, its iPad-only publication, was shelved after only two years.

Currently, the company that is based in Cupertino gives its users access to a variety of news services via its Apple News app. However, most of these demand individual subscriptions.

The revelation of the upcoming feature of Apple comes a day after a leaked memo was published by Bloomberg. The memo revealed a warning issued by the tech company to its employees from exposing sensitive information, warning them with everything from a loss of their jobs to police arrest.