Apple Release Fix to iPhone Letter ‘i’ Bug


Apple has addressed a bug that caused several iPhones to start auto-correcting the letter “i” to a capital “A” and a question mark unexpectedly.

The said issue surfaced when users updated their phones to version 11.1 of the iOS operating system.

On Twitter, Apple said in a tweet that people could “fix it by installing the latest software update.” The said update also addresses an issue with Siri.

The company is yet to explain the cause of the problem.

Last week, the problem was emphasised when people that were trying to tweet messages such as “I got a new iPhone” discovered that their posts were appearing as “A[?] got a new iPhone.”

At the time, Apple released a temporary fix for the said problem on its website.

The said fix involved editing the keyboard settings in the iOS so that the right character, either a lower or an upper case “i”, was used.