Apple Rumours: iPhone X Likely to Come in Blush Gold


The iPhone X may probably get some extra pizzazz, according to a rumour that the iPhone X of Apple could come in “blush gold.”

Some pictures of the pinkish iPhone were posted on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin, who is known for revealing renders of upcoming phones. It is worth noting, however, that the blush gold iPhone X is actually an old rumour. However, Geskin claims that the new iPhone X colour is in production.

Although the blush gold colour did not come out when the iPhone X was released last November, Geskin stands by his claim that the colour is real but also states that Apple could always change its mind.

Right now, people can only buy the iPhone X in placid white and black, even though Apple calls it “space grey” and “silver.” It was not too long ago that rose gold and gold were mainstay shades. A third colour option would probably liven things up a little and may help Apple to sell more of the phones. Last March, a few months after the original iPhone 7 debuted, Apple released a special red edition of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So who knows, Apple could probably do something similar for the iPhone X, also– though people would probably prefer for the Cupertino company to take a risk on more vibrant hues, along with the lines of the blue and purple Galaxy S9s of Samsung.

Apple has two upcoming media events that are scheduled on its calendar, one in Chicago on the 27th of March, which people expect to focus on education, and the WWDC starting on the 4th of June, which is set to introduce a new software. If Apple does plan on releasing a new colour for the iPhone X, it is still possible that people could hear about it during these said events, though Apple also has a history of releasing special-edition colours without that much fanfare.

Apple did not send a respose to a request for comment.