Apple Secured Regulatory Approval for Two Mystery iPads in Eastern Europe

By Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia (Apple iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air vs iPad 3) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This week, as spotted by the French outlet Consomac, the Eurasian Economic Commission approved two mysterious devices for Apple which could likely be new, yet unrevealed iPads. It is the first time that the EEC, which administers business decisions for the Eurasian Union, has approved the devices of Apple, so it is not clear what devices those model numbers symbolise.

Apple is also going to bring numerous iPhone and iPad devices into Russia and in countries in Eastern Europe, with the approval of legislators. These iPhone and iPad models have “AA” and “CC” prefixes in front of their numbers, which is uncommon.

Reporters know very little about the two mystery iPads and what people can piece together is only considered speculation. Last month, a developer discovered references to an “iPad_Modern” that is included in the source code of the iOS 11.3 beta. That echoes the pre-release iOS 11 code that references to a “Modern” iPhone that was found when the iPhone X had not yet been released. (The word “modern” also echoes in the interview of Tim Cook today with Fast Company, where he stated: “You could take every one of our products — iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch — they weren’t the first, but they were the first modern one, right?”)

If both references are connected, a modern iPad could imply a tablet with slim bezels and Face ID capabilities. Current iPads use Touch ID and at least have modest bezels. It is also unlikely that tablets could switch to OLED production, given how much it costs and how difficult that could be produced on a large-scale.

Since there are two iPad models that are mentioned in the EEC document, it is safe to assume that these are 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, instead of the smaller 9.7-inch iPad.