This is why the Apple Store just went down


The Steve Jobs Theatre is currently filled with tech enthusiasts, as the launch of the new iPhone are set to happen today. However, Apple’s website is barren.

Earlier this morning, at around 6 a.m. EST., the company’s website went down. Visitors to the online store now receive a blank page with a GIF assuring them that “We’ll be back,” in different world languages.

This, however, is totally normal. Annually, the Apple store is taken temporarily offline before what is expected to be the biggest iPhone reveal of Apple to date. Apple’s online store will be updated with the latest products during the event.

The Apple Store is expected to return after the conclusion of Tim Cook’s keynote this afternoon. Upon its return, new products will be available for purchase including the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus (if these are really the names of the new devices). The former is rumoured to include a facial recognition software in place of the Touch ID and to lack the traditional “Home” button, while the latter two models are expected to be upgrades of last year’s iPhone 7. However, when the site comes back up, users may be surprised to see that the new models may cost up to $1200.

While users are waiting to start shopping, they can tune into the Apple laucnh event at 10 a.m. PDT. Aside from the new iPhones, Cook is expected to reveal the Apple Watch Series 3, a 4K Apple Tv., the new iOS, and updated Airpods.