A Notification From an Apple Watch Helped Save Man’s Life


    An Apple Watch notification helped save a life of a man after it warned him of his need of an urgent medical attention for a blood clot in his lungs.

    A podcast and reporter from Brooklyn, New York named James Green, said in a tweet: “Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought two years ago would save my life.

    “Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism.”

    Green, who is 28 years old said that he owes his life to the HeartWatch app, which constantly monitors the heart rate of a person all throughout the day and notifies them when it goes below or above a certain threshold.

    He informed reporters that his doctor was glad that he called, telling him that if he chose to wait any longer “it would have been fatal.”

    Green portrays himself as “a serial health tracker.” He explained: “I wanted data on my heart since I had a previous pulmonary embolism.

    “And my watch is too old to have the new software update that enabled the heart rate alerts.”

    Recalling the moment when he realised that something was wrong, he stated: “I got an alert from Heart Watch that my heart rate was continually above my resting heart rate of 54, even when I was just sitting at my desk.

    “That along with other symptoms I was having was enough data I needed to act on it, and realise it wasn’t a panic attack (since I have severe generalised anxiety), that it was something more.”

    A CT scan highlighted the clots, and he was then rushed to the hospital, he remembers “they did a couple ultrasounds to monitor and put me on a blood thinner drip to reverse the clot damage”.

    He attributed the app with saving his life: “It was the data I needed to prove this wasn’t just a panic attack. It helped me get the ball rolling.”

    The creator of the app, David Walsh, said that it is “truly humbling to have played a part,” adding that the result was “absolutely wonderful.”

    In 2015, Walsh decided to build the app after his father died at the age of 56 because of an unexpected heart problem.

    “I wrote it as I noticed some odd readings on my Apple Watch and found it very difficult to dig into the data on my iPhone,” said Walsh.

    “As the Apple Watch has evolved, so has the app. What it can do is check your non-active heart rate constantly throughout the day, and if it falls above or below a specific threshold, then it will give you an alert.”

    The 50-year-old continued that doctors are even currently recommending the Apple Watch and the app to their patients.

    “Over the last few years, the stories I hear about how the app and the Apple Watch have changed people’s lives and sometimes saved their lives are truly heartwarming,” said Walsh.

    “What’s also interesting is that I also added an ability to let people share their data with their doctors and this has been incredibly popular.”