Apple Will Let You Skip the Long Wait to Purchase an iPhone X, However, There’s a Big Catch


Last Friday, the release-day inventory of the iPhone X sold out within a few minutes after preorders opened, with ship dates quickly moving to 5-6 weeks. However, if you do not want to wait until December to get your hands on the new phone, you can always line up in front of a carrier store or an Apple store to get it. You can also choose to purchase an overpriced iPhone X from Craiglist or eBay come Friday.

If that is not acceptable, then you should be aware that Apple will let you skip the long wait of 5-6 weeks and purchase an iPhone starting Saturday, November 4. Amazing, isn’t it? Not really.

MacRumors reports that Apple will begin accepting reservations for the iPhone X this weekend in various international markets. That is great news, but only for those that are in those markets, of course.

On Saturday at 6:00 AM local time in Belgium, Australia, and the United Kingdom, reserve and pickup will open. Meanwhile, buyers in Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates will be able to purchase the iPhone X using the same pickup method at 8:00 AM local time.

This awesome trick will allow you to bypass the current 5-6 week setback in shipments. However, you will have to act fast and make sure that you complete the pickup within a 30-minute window or else you are going to lose the phone. With the Reserve and Pickup process, buyers only pay in Apple stores upon the successful pickup of the handset, so they would not be out $1,000+ if ever Apple runs out of stock.

Unfortunately, the offer is not available in America or other European markets, at least not in the meantime.