Apple’s Christmas Advert Features the iPhone X, Airpods, and Apple Music Together with Romance and Dancing


Apple has released its holiday advertisement just in time for Thanksgiving – and it is as full of product placement as people would expect.

The tech giant has revealed a slick festive treat involving romance, dancing, and of course, Apple products including the new iPhone X.

The ad features a new song from Sam Smith which is called Palace, and it revolved around a romance between two busy urbanites.

A woman, who is prominently wearing the wireless AirPod earphones of Apple, is shown walking down a snowy street, using her iPhone in order to stream the song.

Of course, she is doing so on Apple Music, the rival streaming service to TIDAL and Spotify.

The woman was caught up in a world of music, she then pirouettes down the street, before bumping into a dashing young man.

The woman shares one of her AirPods with the man, and they are shown to be dancing together through the streets of the city.

The ending, however, is bittersweet, with the dance unveiled to have been a daydream, and the man and woman were parting ways on the street.

However, there is good news for viewers that were caught up in the romantic story of the advertisement since Christopher Grant and Lauren Yatango-Grant, the New York dancers who were featured in the said clip, are married in real life.

The iPhone X was released by Apple in Novembers, with London-based Apple fans lining up around Regent Street in order to pick up the new handset which is the most expensive iPhone that was ever made.