Apples Owes 13 Billion Euros to Ireland


Reuters reports that according to the tax collectors of Ireland, Apple is owes approximately 13 billion euros (estimated at $16 billion USD) to the country.

The chairman of the Revenue Commissioners, Niall Cody, says that the bill of Apple, which the company is disputing, is “ in that ballpark,” and that almost all the calculations will be done and sent prior to the end of April.

on Thursday, the head of the country’s tax collectors said that Ireland anticipates that the final disputed tax bill that the European Commission ordered the country to collect from Apple to be “in the ballpark” of the estimated 13 billion euros ($16 billion).

Over 95 percent of the calculations are completed and we have agreed with the Commission that all our calculations will be with them before the end of April.

As reported last month, Ireland was commanded to recover approximately 13 billion euros from the tech giant in underpaid taxes, and it seems like this will already be the final amount that will be owed by the company. Payments will be made beginning in March, continuing through September.

However, it will be quite some time before any appeals will be heard which implies that people would not see the end of this story for quite some time.