Argentina’s Mendoza Province Passes Law Allowing The Operations Of Uber In The Country


On Tuesday, Uber Technologies Inc was able to receive the green light to operate in the Mendoza province of Argentina when the lawmakers there passed the first law of the country that regulates ride-hailing applications.

On its website, the legislature disclosed that the Senate was able to vote 24-14 in favour of the said law, which specifically allows these kinds of services in the fifth-largest province of Argentina in terms of population.

Uber has been operating in Buenos Aires, the capital of the company, for more than two years already despite court rulings that order the firm to stop their operations. Internet service providers were also ordered to block its platform. Uber, however, has said that the absence or lack of explicit regulation does not imply that their services are banned. It also says that it is following the Argentine law and pays its taxes. The company added that it wants cities to pass regulations on ride-hailing.

Diario Uno, a Mendoza newspaper, reported that Uber could start its operations in the province as soon as this coming September.

Uber did not immediately answer to a request for comment regarding the matter.

in 2016, a court in Buenos Aires discovered that Uber was in violation of the standard on labour and local transportation. According to the website of the company, while the firm is serving various cities in Bolivia, Chile, and Brazil, it does not operate elsewhere in Argentina.

The company is based in San Francisco. It has clashed with governments in various cities and countries across the globe. Labour groups and taxi services have since been the frequent opponents of the Silicon Valley startup.