Arranging a Good Brexit Deal ‘is impossible task’


A former Government head of inward investment said that UK negotiators that are wrestling with Brussels to get Britain a decent Brexit face an impossible task.

Andrew Fraser, a negotiator who spent six years in the post, stated: “Senior civil servants are having to negotiate something they fundamentally disagree with, while two-thirds of MPs would prefer to remain. That makes it somewhat difficult.”

He added that Theresa May was not aware that she was totally out of her depth over Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. “I don’t think she knows what she doesn’t know. She simply does not understand global trade,” said Fraser.

He was speaking during a debate at the Midtown Big Ideas Exchange in partnership with the Evening Standard, where David Noon of Deloitte stated that it was advising companies to make contingency plans for the most severe form of Brexit.

The panellists who also comprised by Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard financial editor, and Kate Maltby, political commentator. They agreed decades of a shortage of industrial strategy to expand wealth outside London was a major factor in the Brexit vote. A Twitter poll that was made during the debate revealed that 78 percent of the audience and on Facebook thought that Brexit would be bad for London.