Arron Banks: Cambridge Analytica Pitched But We Did Not Hire Them

Photo via 5Pillars

Arron Banks, a Brexit campaigner, said that Cambridge Analytica pitched for work with the campaign before the 2016 Brexit referendum. However, he said that ultimately, the latter never performed any work – paid or otherwise – for the said campaign.

Banks informed Reuters: “We did have dealings with Cambridge Analytica – they put forward a pitch that went into the designation document submitted to the electoral commission.”

Banks said that no work was performed with Cambridge Analytica since did not hold the appointment as the official leave campaign and because of concerns regarding the London-based consultancy.

Via a telephone conversation, Banks said: “Of course we didn’t win the designation, therefore, we didn’t go ahead with them.”

“We had plenty of talks with them, but we never did any work paid or otherwise.”

When he was asked if accepted or paid for any services from Cambridge Analytica, Banks stated: “No benefit in kind, no data, no nothing.”

Banks added: “If you want my honest opinion about Cambridge Analytica: it is a snake-oil story.

“In other words, I don’t think they have this magical system that they say they have. I think they are nothing more than a company that places Facebook ads and shrouds in a sort of mystery.”