Asmx CEO: Uk’s Top 50 Most Influential People in P2P Finance


David Bradley-Ward, CEO of blockchain company ASMX, was recently named as one of the most influential people in P2P Finance by the Peer to Peer Finance News magazine, the UK’s first magazine in this industry.

David Bradley-Ward is the founder and entrepreneur behind ASMX and the Ablrate platform as well as other financial and commercial businesses.

David designed the Ablrate platform and worked closely with developers to create the company which was launched in 2014. One year later, it was evident to David that liquidity via a secondary market was crucial to the future of the industry. The new platform was launched which includes a secondary market based on complex mathematics and smart loan ledgers to automate the legalities of trading loans as well as many innovative features and functions.

Since its launch, Ablrate has facilitated over £44 million deals as well as £31 million+ on the secondary market. Borrowers benefit from easy access to funds, while lenders reap financial rewards with average returns of 10 to 15%.

The company is now entering the next phase of development with ASMX, a blockchain solution that aims to connect the world’s lending communities. Some may describe it as an exchange for private corporate debt. ASMX is scheduled to launch in Q1 2019.

Recently admitted on to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, ASMX is on its way to Asia where the team will be attending the Singapore Investor Showcase and the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Spending ten days in Singapore (4th to 14th Nov), ASMX aims to raise awareness of the project and reach out to potential investors and partners.