Audi and Porsche Set to Share an Electric Car Platform


Audi and Porsche are no longer considered to be strangers to sharing car innards (for instance, the Macan and the Cayenne made use of the same basic chassis as the Q5 and the Q7), and that is still holding true in the era of electric cars. In an interview, Oliver Blume of Porsche and Rupert Stadler of Audi informed Stuttgarter Zeitung that the two brands that are owned by Volkswagen would jointly develop a common EV platform that aims to find its way into various models from 2021 and beyond. Audi is already anticipating two SUVs and two sedans, while Porsche could potentials build the first vehicle of the company on the platform at the same factory were the Macan was built. However, this does not mean that people will see an electric Macan, but that suggests it is not an electrified coupe.

Blume said that which car comes first and when depends on the requirements of the  CO2 emissions.

It would not be a surprise for the people to hear why they are sharing their resources. Blume said that it would cost approximately 30 percent more for each brand to develop their own electric vehicle platforms. It would not be a minor expense even then. Stadler estimated that the companies would require a “low single-digit billion euro sum” n order to develop the said platform by 2025.

However, the announcement is separate from the Mission E, which remains to be the current focus of Porsche. And this does not preclude either company from building custom platforms when the goals of the companies demand something specific — people would expect Porsche to go to that route for its sports cars. However, it does give people a good idea of what to expect when electric vehicles hit the market in earnest. As with various conventional cars, the largest differences between electric vehicles may revolve around the styling and power plant choices rather than the underlying designs of the vehicles.