Austrian Activist Accuses Tech Giants Of Data Protection Breaches


Tech giants Amazon and Apple have been identified in a complaint that was filed by Noyb. It claimed that they are still failing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

The company is chaired by Max Schrems, a data privacy activist and lawyer. It filed a complaint in Austria also identifying Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix after it tested the data that the firms held about their users. It accused the tech giants of “structural violations” of the data regulations of the European Union that came into effect in 2018.

Noyb said that none of the tech firms fully complied with the said regulation, which gives thge users the right to access their private data and information about it.

Tech firms must secure Europeans’ consent every time they want to use their information for a new purpose, such as targeted advertising.

The GDPR projects fines of up to four percent of the global revenues for firms that are in breach of the ruse.

As a response to the complaint, Amazon said that it had installed a new privacy help page which shows the customers how to manage their data and information on its website.

Last Friday, Amazon said: “We comply with any request from a data subject to provide access to the personal data that Amazon is processing.”

A spokesperson for Spotify stated: “We are committed to complying with all relevant national and international laws and regulations, including GDPR, with which we believe we are fully compliant.”

Schrems stated: “Many services set up automated systems to respond to access requests, but they often don’t even remotely provide the data that every user has a right to.”

He continued: “This leads to structural violations of users’ rights, as these systems are built to withhold the relevant information.”