Authorities: Would be Barack Obama Assassin Caught with the Help of Cat Hair


According to the legal documents that were filed in a court in Texas, the women behind a plot to kill Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, was identified with the help of a tiny cat hair.

Last October, Julia Poff was accused of posting explosives to the former president, Maryland’s Social Security Administrator Carolyn Colvin, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

While the package that was intended for Obama was blocked, Abbott did open the package that was sent to him. However, it failed to explode.

The indictment says that if the explosive detonated, it could have caused Abott “severe burns and death.” The governor only seemed to be able to escape because he did not open the package “as intended.”

The indictment adds that Poff allegedly said that she did not like Obama and she was upset with Abbott because “she had not received support from her ex-husband.” She also had applied for and was not able social security benefits in Maryland.

According to the documents that were filed in a Houston court earlier this week, FBI investigators were able to locate her using an obliterated shipping label on the package that was sent to Abbott.

A cigarette packet that was bought near her home in the small city of Sealy, about 50 miles west of Houston, also helped the authorities to zero in on her.

However, it was the cat hair that was found under the address label of the package that was posted to Obama which was “microscopically consistent with the hair of one of Poff’s cats,” that helped the authorities make the breakthrough.

The indictment states that when investigators searched her house, they found fireworks in her garage.

Earlier this month, she was charged on six counts for allegedly mailing the bombs in October 2016, including transporting explosives and mailing injurious articles with the intent to injure and kill. She is currently being held at a detention centre in Houston.

Poff has also been charged with False Declaration of Bankruptcy and food stamp fraud.